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Child car seats are designed to protect children and infants while traveling in a car or during a car accident. Unfortunately, not all manufacturers pay the same attention to safety and accident prevention. When this happens, a child car seat product can be found to be defective and put the lives of infants and children at risk. Unfortunately, child car seat injuries are all too common. Some of the common defects include, but are not limited to:

  • Straps made from low quality or highly flammable materials.
  • Faulty latches that come undone with little effort.
  • Latches too difficult to undo, making it difficult to remove the child during an emergency.
  • Faulty strap adjusters, making the straps too loose or too tight.
  • Weak frames or cushions that come apart.

As a result, a child or infant may suffer any where from a minor to a serious injury. Car seat injuries are often difficult to deal with. Car seat companies typically deny liability and attempt to blame the injury to your child on the car accident itself. Many people find that they need legal representation in order to get payment for medical bills and compensation for their child's pain and suffering.

If you have a child in a car seat, you should consider checking to make sure that your child's car seat has not been recalled. You can click here to search for recalled car seats: National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Car Seat Recall Search.

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