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Car accidents can happen in an instant and change your life forever. The negligent drivers who cause most motor accidents are generally careless or inattentive. Driving too fast, texting, talking on a cell phone, not paying attention, and even being intoxicated are common causes to most car accidents and motorcycle accidents in Oklahoma each year. Regardless of the reason for the accident, you are stuck with the financial, emotional, and physical injuries left behind by the negligent driver. The Denton Law Firm can help. The Denton Law Firm is experienced in all aspects of motor vehicle accidents. We will aggressively work to get you the resolution you deserve. If you are looking for an experienced car wreck lawyer, look no further. The Denton Law Firm will provide you the Tulsa car accident attorney you are looking for.

The Injury After the Accident – Emotional and Physical Pain

After the auto accident you will be dealing with both physical and emotional injuries caused by the other driver. You will receive a call from the other driver’s insurance adjuster. They will try to get you to make a statement. They will try to get you to agree to a settlement that is unreasonably low and does not protect you. Remember, the other driver’s insurance adjustor is not your friend. They are trying to take advantage of you. Before you speak with the other driver’s insurance adjustor after your car accident, call the Denton Law Firm for a free consultation: (918) 631-7181. For information regarding what to do following a car accident, read our Post-Accident Guide. You will also have medical bills. And the hospitals, doctors, and rehabilitation clinics are going to want their money. So, they’ll start calling you, demanding their payment. But, we can help. We are experienced in dealing with medical professionals and will work with your healthcare providers to keep them from seeking collection against you while we are seeking your recovery from the other driver.

The Denton Law Firm’s Experience Pays Off

The Denton Law Firm is experienced in the areas that are critical to a successful claim to get your recovery. We have experience in accident reconstruction, including catastrophic traffic accidents resulting in death. We also have experience in dealing with the medical issues you are facing as a result of your accident. Finally, we have extensive experience dealing with insurance companies. Simply put, the you will benefit from the extensive experience the Denton Law Firm brings to your case and you will notice the difference. If you want an experienced car accident attorney to handle your case and get you the recovery you deserve, then contact the Denton Law Firm at (918) 631-7181.  

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