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The Denton Law Firm is devoted to protecting you in your Tulsa and Oklahoma legal matters. We treat each client like a person, not a paycheck.

The Denton Law Firm was founded by Robert S. Denton. Mr. Denton has an extensive background as a trial attorney and litigator. In fact, his entire legal career has been spent as a trial attorney. Few attorneys in Tulsa and Oklahoma can say that they have served as a trial attorney for their entire career.

Mr. Denton grew up in Tulsa, Oklahoma and attended the University of Oklahoma. At the University of Oklahoma, Mr. Denton obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Public Relations. After graduating from OU, Mr. Denton moved to Malibu, California to study at the Pepperdine University School of Law. While at Pepperdine, Mr. Denton worked as a graduate research assistant and assisted a law professor in writing legal articles and books. Mr. Denton also was actively involved in Moot Court and worked part-time as an intern at the Ventura County District Attorney’s Office.

Upon graduation Mr. Denton began a career as a criminal prosecutor that took him on many different journeys. As a prosecutor Mr. Denton tried dozens of cases. He worked with numerous federal and state agencies such as the DEA and the FBI in prosecuting multinational drug cartels and criminal street gangs.

If you are going through a divorce it is important to know that Mr. Denton previously worked in the family protection unit while serving as a prosecutor. In the Family Protection Unit he dealt daily with families that were going through the turmoil of divorce. He learned to be compassionate to the clients while still being strong in the face of adversity in Court.

After working at the District Attorney’s office for a number of years, Mr. Denton entered private practice where he initially specialized in medical malpractice and civil rights defense before expanding his practice to include family law and other areas. Mr. Denton has experience in criminal prosecution including DUI, vehicular manslaughter, drugs, burglary, domestic violence, white collar crimes, fraud, robbery, and many other crimes. Mr. Denton has personally participated in forensic toxicology experiments and studies and has engaged in ride-alongs with DUI enforcement highway patrol officers. Mr. Denton is incredibly aware of the “tricks of the trade” that will be used against you in a DUI.  Mr. Denton is ready to defend your Tulsa DUI or other Tulsa crimes.

If you are suffering from a car accident, on the job accident, or other personal injury, Mr. Denton has the experience to help you. He has experience dealing with complex medical litigation and is very familiar with the medial issues present in soft-tissue damage personal injury (many car accident cases) and in catastrophic and traumatic injury cases. Robert Denton is prepare to help you recover what you deserve. Contact Robert to discuss your Tulsa or Oklahoma car accident or personal injury. No matter what you legal issue is, we have you covered and Robert is prepared to meet you for your free consultation.

If you are looking for a law firm and an attorney who will treat you like a person and not a paycheck, contact the Denton Law Firm to schedule your free initial consultation by Emailing us or calling us at: (918) 631-7181. We are are here to protect you.

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