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The Science Behind a Tulsa DUI

The Science behind an Oklahoma DUI

Tulsa DUI Lawyer

In Tulsa, Oklahoma DUI cases are taken very seriously.  If you are convicted of a first time drunk driving offense, you could spend up to a year in jail.  That meas losing your job, ruining your credit, and having to put that conviction on every job application from now on. You need a Tulsa DUI lawyer who can help you protect your future.

The Denton Law Firm will work hard to prevent that from happening.  With experience with over 1,000 DUI cases and a former prosecutor on our side, we work to ensure that a Tulsa, Oklahoma DUI does not ruin your future.  Contact us.  (918) 631-7181.


So, what does the prosecution use as the basis for its case when prosecuting Tulsa DUIs? In most DUI cases they use what is commonly referred to as the breathalyzer. It’s important to understand some of the science behind the law, because if you are accused of a Tulsa, Oklahoma DUI, the breathalyzer is a scientific instrument that is key to your case.

Breathalyzers have been used by police in various forms since the 1930s to determine blood alcohol content.  The machine measures the approximate percentage of alcohol in your blood by measuring how much alcohol is in your breath.  In Oklahoma, it’s illegal to have a blood alcohol content of .08% or greater while driving.  (Note: That percentage applies only to people over 21.  Those under 21 can’t have any alcohol in their system or a DUI will be charged.) These machines are not perfect and can malfunction. That is why you need a Tulsa DUI lawyer who can examine the evidence to determine if the machine was, working properly, or if you are the victim of a faulty breath test. An experienced Tulsa DUI lawyer, like you will find at The Denton Law Firm PLLC, will be able to tell when the breathalyzer was malfunctioning and help keep you from being a victim of bad-science.

It doesn’t take very much alcohol to hit the illegal limit.  It generally depends on two things. How much you drank and how much you weigh. For instance, if you’re 100 pounds and have 2 drinks in an hour, you won’t pass a breathalyzer.  However, if you are 200 pounds, you’ll pass the legal limit sometime between drink 3 and drink 4.  The charts below demonstrate how alcohol can affect people differently based on how much they drink and how much they weigh.

Tulsa DUI Blood Alcohol Content Chart


Tulsa DUI Blood Alcohol Concentration Chart for Women

You need an experienced Tulsa, Oklahoma DUI attorney to help with your case.  You need someone who understands the science behind DUI.  But you also need someone who understands the legal system well and DUI cases in particular.  The Denton Law Firm has a former prosecutor on their side.  We are experienced and ready to help you.  If you want to speak with a Tulsa DUI lawyer who can protect you, call or email today.  (918) 631 -8171.

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