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Pedestrian injuries in Tulsa and throughout Oklahoma are on the rise. Despite tougher laws for texting and driving, accidents involving pedestrians continue. If you have been injured by a car, call us today for assistance: (918) 631-7181.


At The Denton Law Firm PLLC, highly qualified personal injury lawyers are dedicated and ready to help personal injury victims suffering pedestrian injuries.   A pedestrian accident attorney in our firm will help you obtain prompt medical attention and monetary compensation for your pain and suffering.


Pedestrian Injuries


An accident can happen day or night. Unfortunately, when the accident involves a pedestrian, the car always wins. Most pedestrian injuries are caused by a driver who isn't paying attention. The type of injury can range from mild to very serious, even including death. Common pedestrian accidents happen when a driver is not paying attention to:

  • Crosswalks
  • Traffic Control
  • Pedestrian Already Crossing the Roadway
  • A School Bus


Legal Representation from Tulsa Pedestrian Injury Attorneys


Although it is always a good idea to consult with an attorney if you are hurt, there are certain circumstances where having a personal injury lawyer is extremely helpful. It is especially helpful to have the legal counsel of an experienced personal injury attorney for a pedestrian injury when:


  • Dealing with Uninsured or Underinsured Drivers. In these scenarios, we can help you receive compensation from your car insurance. Your personal injury attorney will work with your auto insurance to get this compensation, in addition to additional compensation if filing a lawsuit against the person who caused your pedestrian injuries.
  • Being Hit by a Commercial Vehicle. If you were hit by a commercial vehicle while in a crosswalk, the claim will be filed with the company’s insurance. If the commercial vehicle is a truck, your attorney may want to start an investigation to make sure that the driver was following safe truck driving procedures.

If you are suffering from a pedestrian injury, you have the right to get compensation for medical care and pain and suffering.


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