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Family law issues present a unique challenge to all individuals having to deal with the issues in a family law case. Many of the decisions made during the course of a family law case will have effects on the client and his or her family for years to come. That is why it is important to have a competent law firm on your side. The Denton Law Firm is prepared to assist you will all of your family law matters. We handle everything related to family law in Tulsa and Oklahoma from adoption to divorce. If you want someone you can trust, contact the Denton Law Firm. (918) 631-7181.

When many people think of family law they think of only divorce. However, as the Divorce Attorney Tulsa can count on, we deal with all issues of family law including:

  • Child Support
  • Child Custody
  • Divorce
  • Alimony/Spousal Support
  • Domestic Violence Protective Orders
  • Mediation
  • Collaborative Divorce
  • Estate Planning After Divorce

We also are capable of dealing with family law issues that intersect with states other than Oklahoma and cities other than Tulsa.

Divorce and other family law issues are emotionally and financially challenging. With all of the stress that will accompany a divorce, it can be hard to make decisions that will change your future and the future of your children. A competent attorney is necessary in order to make sure you are making the best decisions for yourself and your children.

Many of the things you will have to decide during the course of the divorce are difficult, including:

  • Where will the children live?
  • Who will have legal custody of the children?
  • How will the property be divided?
  • What will happen to retirement accounts and pensions?
  • What will I do with my will or trust that was established with my ex-spouse?
  • What are my tax implications going to be from the divorce?
  • What will happen to the debt me and my ex acquired during the marriage?
  • Can I avoid bankruptcy during the divorce?

These are all issues that can solved with the help of a competent Tulsa family lawyer like the Denton Law Firm. Contact us today for a consultation with an attorney regarding your Tulsa and Oklahoma family law issues. (918) 631-7181.

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