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Tulsa Child Support Attorney

Tulsa Child Support Attorney

Tulsa Child Support Attorney

One of the main concerns of all parents is supporting their children financially.  If you are going through a divorce in Oklahoma, that concern can turn into fear that you won’t make enough to support your children or fear that you’ll be required to pay so much in child support that you won’t be able to support yourself. An experienced Tulsa child support attorney can help calm those fears.  The Denton Law Firm will advocate for you during child support decisions.  Contact us today so that we can help you with your child support issues. (918) 631- 7181.

Child Support Guidelines in Tulsa, OK

Child support is the Court’s way of ensuring both parents provide for their children.  In Oklahoma, there’s a state guideline for child support.  It’s essentially a calculation that takes many different factors into account including:

  • Each Parent’s Current Earnings or Earning Potential
  • Number of Children in the Family
  • Amount of Time Each Parent Spends with the Children
  • Health Insurance Costs
  • Daycare or Educational Costs
  • Travel Expenses to Visit Each Parent
  • Other Special Needs

In Tulsa, child support can be deducted directly from your paycheck before you ever see your money.  You want to ensure that the calculation is correct and takes everything into account.  Robert Denton, a Tulsa child support attorney, can help you with your child support issues and make sure everything is done right.  Email or call (918) 631- 7181 for a free consultation today.

Ending or Modifying Child Support

In Tulsa, child support can be modified for a number of reasons. However, no matter what, the Court must find that it is in the best interest of the child before it will modify any child support order.

Oklahoma has a shared parenting credit structure.  This means the Court may reduce child support payments if a child spends over 120 nights with the support paying parent.  Decreasing child support payments is possible, but varies greatly based on individual circumstances.

Typically, child support lasts until the month after each child turns eighteen.  However, there are exceptions for children who turn 18 while still in high school and for special needs children.  If you pay support for more than one child, you can request the Court modify your child support order to remove a child when he or she turns eighteen. If you don’t, you would still have to pay the full amount until the last child turns 18. This is where having a skilled Tulsa child support attorney like the Denton Law Firm can make the different.

Note that child support payments are not necessarily divided evenly among your children.  If you paid child support for two children, the Court will not necessarily cut your payment in half when the first child turns eighteen. .  The reduction could be less; especially if you don’t know what arguments to make to the Court.  The Denton Law Firm can help guide you through the process of ending child support and make sure you are treated fairly by the Courts. Contact us today to speak with a Tulsa child support attorney who can solve your problems. (918) 631-7181.

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Going through a divorce and child support issues can be overwhelming. You need the legal counseling and representation of an experienced Tulsa child support attorney. We can help. Contact the Denton Law Firm today for help with your divorce and Tulsa Child support case. (918) 631- 7181