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DUI Defense

Driving under the influence is a serious charge that can be extremely costly over time. In order to best protect yourself against the aggressive and overbearing actions of the state, you need an experience Tulsa DUI Lawyer to handle your claim and protect your interests. The Denton Law Firm is experienced and able to protect your interests. Contact us today to set up your initial consultation so we can start working to set your free as soon as possible.

DUI can carry a range of punishment from zero days in jail (Misdemeanor DUI) to a potential for life in prison (DUI Manslaughter). It is very important to have an experienced attorney handle your DUI in Tulsa. At the Denton Law Firm, we have undergone extensive training in DUI law and evidence collection procedures. We have participated in scientific studies called “Wet Labs” where forensic toxicologists have subjects drink measured quantities of alcohol to gauge their absorption of alcohol and their performance on the field sobriety tests that are administered by highway patrol experts. We have also been on ride-alongs to witness first-hand how DUI traffic stops, arrests, and evidence collection are conducted. We are also trained in the standardized field sobriety tests and the minute details of evidence collection and preservation. More than anything we have more than six years of experience as a prosecutor where we learned the nuances of the DUI prosecution and some of the best defenses to be found.

Many lawyers will claim to “handle DUI cases” but they are simply unqualified. DUI defense is a complicated evidence and science based form of litigation. Chances are, even if you were arrested by a cop with lots of experience, there is still a defense to your case.

Contact the Denton Law Firm today so that we can begin formulating your defense and protect your rights. Remember, you only have 15 days before your DPS hearing. We need to speak as soon as possible so the Denton Law Firm can do our best to protect your driving privilege and prepare your DUI defense. If you driver’s license is suspended, fulfilling your obligations (including going to work) will become extremely difficult. Contact the Denton Law Firm to discuss your Tulsa DUI Defense today: (918) 631-7181.

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