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Child custody is one of the most difficult issues in a divorce. The decisions you make during this process not only affect you, but also your children. However, with the help of a skilled Tulsa child custody attorney you can achieve the results you are entitled to. Contact the Denton Law Firm today for a free consultation regarding your child custody issues and divorce: (918) 631-7181.

The Child Custody Process in Tulsa, Oklahoma

Child custody is an issue from the moment a divorce is filed. Although most people think of child custody as an issue that is dealt with at the end of a divorce, child custody in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is generally dealt with early on in a divorce.

Oklahoma law allows the court to award temporary child custody during the divorce process. The court’s analysis is the same as it is for permanent child custody awards. This means that temporary child custody can end up in a hearing and trial if the parents are not able to reach an agreement the court will sign-off on. If you are not prepared and do not have the assistance of a Tulsa child custody attorney, you might end up very disappointed with the outcome of this hearing. Don’t let this happen to you.

Many times the court will keep the child with whichever parent the child is currently living with in order to prevent upsetting the normal routine of the child. That is why it is important to not give up custody of your child to your spouse during a separation before divorce. This is just one of the many insights an experienced Tulsa child custody attorney at the Denton Law Firm will be able to help you with.

After temporary child custody is ultimately determined, the divorce process proceeds and ultimately the court again must determine child custody. Further along in your divorce the court will conduct another hearing on child custody that will result in a permanent child custody order. Because of the power of the permanent child custody order, it is important that you contact a knowledgeable Tulsa child custody attorney who will fight for you. The Denton Law Firm is fully equipped and prepared to protect you and your children not matter what it takes.

How is Child Custody Determined in Tulsa, Oklahoma

In Oklahoma child custody is determined by the judge using the “Best Interest of the Child” standard. In the more simple cases, the parents are able to agree upon a child custody arrangement and the court adopts the parents’ agreement. However, in some cases, the parents cannot agree and the court is required to have a trial on the issue of child custody. If the court determines the child is mature enough, the court will allow the child to state where he or she wants to live. Oklahoma law states that it is presumed that children 12 years old or older are mature enough to answer this question. The court is not bound by what the child says, but it is a factor the court must consider. In both the simple and complex cases, the experience and guidance of a Tulsa child custody law firm like the Denton Law Firm can make a remarkable difference in the outcome of your case.

In the past Oklahoma and Tulsa courts presumed that the best place for the children was with the mother. This law is no longer on the books. Rather, both parents are considered equally when determining how to award child custody. The court then considers a number of factors in determining which parent will be in the best interest for the child. Read our article here on What Factors the Court Uses in Determining Tulsa Child Custody. These factors are critical and it is important to have a Tulsa child custody law firm that can argue these factors to the court for you.

What Types of Child Custody Are There?

Child custody comes in three forms. The judge in your Tulsa divorce will award custody of your child or children using one or more of these types of custody. These types of custody are not all the same and it is important that you have an experienced Tulsa child custody attorney represent you during your divorce and child custody issues. The Denton Law Firm can help.

Sole Custody

Sole custody occurs when one parent is awarded all decision making authority for the child. The other parent (typically referred to as the ‘Non-Custodial Parent) will still usually have visitation rights. However, the Non-Custodial Parent will have no say or opinion in any of the decisions made regarding how the child is raised, educated, or otherwise.

Joint Custody

Joint custody is where both parents share the decision making authority over the child or children. Joint custody is typically only awarded when both parents demonstrate to the court that they are capable of getting along enough to have conversations regarding the welfare, education, and upbringing of the child or children. If the divorce is very heating and contentious, the court is less likely to award joint custody in Tulsa because of the likelihood the parents will end up in court again. If the parents can work out a joint custody agreement, it is often very beneficial for the well being of the children.

Physical Custody

Physical Custody refers to the amount of time each parent gets to spend with the child. The Court will determine how much time each parent has physical custody of the child. Many times the Court will count the number of “over-nights” that each parent receives and work out a schedule for the transfer of physical custody of the child or children. Physical custody orders will generally not only include the number of “overnights” but also will include who gets to have physical custody of the child on which holidays.

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