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Tulsa DUI Driver’s License Consequences – Why a Tulsa DUI Lawyer Can Help

Tulsa DUI Lawyer

Tulsa DUI Driver’s License Consequences – Why a Tulsa DUI Lawyer Can Help

If you’ve been pulled over for suspected DUI, did you know you only have fifteen days to file a petition to stop the court from suspending your license? Tulsa DUI charges come with automatic license suspension unless you act now. The Denton Law Firm is prepared to help you. With extensive experience in DUIs and a former prosecutor on our side, our firm is able to argue for a modified license for you. Call today to speak to a Tulsa DUI lawyer and find out more about how we can help. (918) 631- 7181.

Notice of Revocation

The police officer should have handed you a Notice of Revocation. This shows that it is state law that a driver’s license will be revoked for the following DUI reasons:

  1. If you refused to take the breathalyzer test;
  2. If you are under 21 and blew a .02 or higher on the breathalyzer; or
  3. If you are over 21 and blew a .08 or higher.

Revocation goes into effect 30 days after you received the notice of your Tulsa DUI.

The Denton Law Firm will seek a hearing for your case.  Our goal is to either have your revocation overturned or change your revocation to a modified driver’s license.  Our experienced Tulsa DUI lawyer will work with the court and Department of Public Safety to come up with the best possible outcome for you.  Email or call today.  (918) 631- 7181.

Tulsa DUI and Commercial Licenses

If you have or are getting a commercial driver’s license, DUI charges can hurt or even end your career.  DUI charges will lead to a one year suspension if you refuse the breathalyzer.  A conviction will ensure your CDL is suspended for a year.  It doesn’t matter if you are driving your own car when you are pulled over.  If you have a CDL but are suspected of Tulsa DUI, punishment can be severe. A second conviction will lead to a lifetime ban of your CDL. In order to protect your career you need a Tulsa DUI lawyer who knows how to defend your case to the maximum extent.

Contact the Denton Law Firm to keep your life and career intact.  Our Tulsa DUI lawyer will work hard to ensure you can continue to work.  Call (918) 631- 7181.

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