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Tulsa Child Injury Attorney

Tulsa Child Injury Attorney

Child Injuries – Tulsa Child Injury Attorney

We never want to see our children suffer. Unfortunately, children often easily become the victim of another person’s recklessness, negligent or disregard others safety. If your child has been injured by an unsafe product, environment, or by the actions of another, contact us today for a free consultation at: (918) 631-7181. We will work with you to protect your child and to receive the payment you and your child deserve.

When a minor or incapacitated child is injured, the parent is responsible for bringing the lawsuit on behalf of the child. Children have the same rights as adults in regards to suing for recovery for child injury.

Children are often harmed by defective toys or products. Many of these toys or products are ultimately recalled, but not until several children have had to suffer or die. Children are also harmed by medical malpractice. Doctors operating outside of their field of expertise or simply not following the standard of care can cause great injury or death to children. Even things as innocent as playground equipment can cause serious harm or permanent injury to your child.

Daycares are also a common source of child injury in both Tulsa and Oklahoma. Many daycares realize that they can make extra money if they increase the number of children they take care of. Unfortunately, many of the daycares do not also increase the number of staff to take care of the children. This greedy decision leads to children being unsupervised and becoming unnecessarily injured.

If you child has been injured by a product or toy, by medical malpractice, playground equipment, or by a daycare, call us today for your free case review at: (918) 631-7181. We will work to ensure you receive the recovery you and your child deserve in Tulsa and Oklahoma. The Denton Law Firm will fight for your child.

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