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How to Deal with a Car Accident Insurance Adjuster

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4 Sneaky Tricks Insurance Adjusters Use to

Reduce your Car Accident Claim


Were you in a car accident in Tulsa? Dealing with some insurance adjusters can be trickier than eating soup with a pair of chopsticks. Here are a few tricks of the trade (and some defenses for you) that sneaky insurance adjusters use on car accident injury victims:


  • Playing musical chairs with your file. You try to get in touch with your insurance adjuster, only to discover that agent has been transferred to another unit or out on vacation. You are then transferred to someone who does not have your paperwork and you have to have to explain your claim all over again. Avoid frustration by keeping all records of conversations and paperwork including service agreements.


  • The “claim your prize now” trick. You need to pay medical bills or be compensated for pain and suffering due to your injuries. Unfortunately, the adjuster would rather pay you less than what you are entitled to by offering quick money so you can enjoy it now rather than later. They may say, “Your claim may take years to settle, better to take the money now when you need it.


  • Using time on their side. This clever and unfortunately very effective trick involves calling the injured person at inconvenient times, such as early in the morning when you are about to leave for work. They are counting on you to make a rash decision so you can hang up and go on with your day. How to deal with this insurance adjuster is to ask them to call you back—at a convenient time for you. Or better yet, turn the table on them and call them Friday around 5 pm. They may be willing to agree to your counter-offer just so they can leave work and start their weekend! Another tactic using time to their advantage is to wait to make an offer during a certain time of the year, such as during the holiday season. They figure you on will need the extra cash for gifts. Don’t give in to this ploy. Remember that the settlement is meant to cover your expenses, present and future, resulting from the accident—not for a one time shopping spree.


  • Do absolutely nothing. This may be the most effective one of all. The adjuster will play the waiting game by dragging out the settlement process. The goal is to frustrate you into accepting a lowball settlement. When the adjuster tries this, do yourself a favor and get the legal help you need. Tell them you appreciate their offer and that your attorney will get back to them.


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