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Tulsa DUI Punishment

Tulsa DUI Punishment

DUI Punishment

DUI punishment has a range of no jail time all the way up to life in prison. It all depends on your prior criminal record (if any) and the facts of your case. It is important to obtain the services of an experienced Tulsa DUI attorney who can get you the best deal possible (if not get you off entirely). Contact the Denton Law Firm to speak with an experienced Tulsa DUI attorney about your case. (918) 631-7181.

Municipal DUI (City Charges)

If you are arrested for DUI in a City and charged pursuant to their municipal code, then your punishment is different than if you were charged with a state crime. In municipal court your first DUI could get you

  • 0 days – 6 months in jail

County or State DUI (47 O.S. § 11-902(c)(1))

  • 10 days – 1 year in jail
  • $1000.00 fine max.

Felony DUI (47 O.S. § 11-902(c)(2))

Felony DUI occurs when you have a prior DUI from a court of record (District Courts and Tulsa and Oklahoma City Municipal Courts) in the 10 years prior to your current DUI.

First Felony DUI

  • 1-5 years in state prison
  • $2500.00 fine max.

Second Felony DUI

  • 1-10 years in state prison
  • $5000.00 fine max.

Third Felony DUI

  • 1-20 years in state prison
  • $5000.00 fine max.


In Oklahoma if you are driving under the influence (DUI) or driving while impaired (DWI) and kill someone in a traffic accident, you can be found guilty of manslaughter. Also, if you have a prior DUI within the last 10 years it is possible you could be charged with felony murder.

4 years – Life in Prison

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