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DUI Expungement In Tulsa

A DUI on your record can affect you for years to come. Old DUI convictions from Oklahoma can be accessed by employers, insurance companies, military branches. Even colleges, certificate programs and vocational schools can access your old Tulsa DUI conviction. This information can stay on your record permanently. In order to keep an old record from affecting your future, you need to get your past DUI expunged. The Denton Law Firm is here to help you with your Tulsa DUI expungement. Email or call (918) 631- 7181 today.

What is Expungement?

An expungement seals your criminal record from public view. This is important for DUIs because your record can include everything from the arrest through conviction. That means even if you were not convicted of a DUI, the fact that you were arrested for DUI will be visible to future employers. This can influence an employer in deciding whether or not to hire you for a position. A DUI expungement will prevent that by requiring court clerk reports, court websites, and in some cases even the police to redact your name. If you believe old court documents and police reprots might be haunting you, contact the Denton Law Firm at (918) 631- 7181 to ask about obtaining a Tulsa DUI expungement today.

How Do You Qualify for Expungement?

If you have met all the conditions of probation and court ordered requirements, you may be eligible to for a Tulsa DUI expungement. If the case has been dismissed, you may also qualify for expungement. But, expungement is not automatic in Oklahoma. It’s obtained by filing a petition with the court. The process can be complicated and is generally more productive if helped along by a qualified attorney. Let the Denton Law Firm help you determine eligibility today. We will guide your case through the courts in order for you to have the best possible chance of having your Tulsa DUI expungement granted. Email or call (918) 631- 7181 to discuss your eligibility for your Tulsa DUI expungement.

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