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Airbags are vehicle safety devices developed to protect the occupants in the car in the event of an accident, but sometimes they can be the cause of an injury. During a car accident airbags can deploy with such force that they may cause injuries such as broken arms, hands and noses. They have also caused facial trauma including burns, eye damage, abrasions and abdominal trauma. If you or a loved one has suffer an airbag injury, it is important to contact a personal injury attorney at Denton Law Firm PLLC today at (918) 631-7181 for a FREE Consultation.

Airbag Injuries Due to Malfunction

Airbags have also have malfunctioned and caused a serious or fatal injury. Airbag injuries can happen if the safety mechanism deploys too soon or when it is not needed due to a manufacturer defect. When this happens, the driver can lose control of the car. Other reasons for airbag injuries can be attributed to a driver or passenger’s size. Airbags are designed for people of average height. People who are smaller or larger may be at an increased risk for injuries. The same is also true for people who sit closer to the steering wheel.

Get Help with Your Airbag Injury

If you live in the Tulsa area, it is best to contact our personal injury attorneys for information about receiving compensation from an airbag injury. We will be happy to discuss the details of your airbag injuries. If the airbag deployed because of a malfunction, we will pursue compensation from the auto manufacturer. If your injuries happened due to someone else’s fault, the driver who caused the accident is held responsible for airbag injuries and all injuries you sustain because of the crash. Your initial case consultation is FREE and our personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis. We don’t get paid unless we are able to recover compensation for you. 

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