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After you have worked so hard to build your estate, why leave it to chance and the Courts to determine who gets what? It has been proven over and over again that nothing rips a family apart faster than money. Do your family a favor and contact the Denton Law Firm to set up your estate planning consultation today: (918) 631-7181. We can help you establish an estate plan that will serve your family well and prevent any jealousy or fighting after you have gone.


In the event a loved one has passed on without a will or trust, you are most likely dealing with the headaches of probate. In the most severe instances you are dealing with impending litigation over the probate of a deceased relative. This experience can be emotionally and physically exhausting. Additionally, if not handled by an experience Tulsa probate attorney, you could watch as the probate is completely depleted and no one gets anything. That’s why you need the Denton Law Firm to protect your interests in probate. Call us today to schedule a consultation. Time is of the essence as you only have a certain amount of time to probate the estate before issues of liability can arise.


Over the years trusts have become one of the best ways to care for property and assets both during your lifetime and beyond. Trusts provide the benefit of having the property avoid probate all together after you pass. This may not seem like a big deal, but it also prevents your children from fighting each other in court and prevents your estate from being depleted by the legal process.

The Denton Law Firm helps families in Tulsa and Oklahoma plan for their future. We can provide a variety of options and formulate a plan that best fits the needs of you and your family. We can establish revocable and irrevocable trusts, charitable trusts, wills, help you with a codicil, assist in probate and asset location. We are a full service firm when it comes to your estate law needs.

Contact the Denton Law Firm today to arrange for your consultation with the Tulsa Will and Trust Attorney Tulsa can count on. (918) 631-7181.

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