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If you have been burned because of the negligence of another person, we can help. Burns are a serious injury that can have long lasting effects on your skin and body as a whole. A severe burn can take months or years to recover from keeping you from working and enjoying your life.

Burns – Definition

Burns are a form of damage to the skin and surrounding tissue that is generally caused by exposure to heat. Burns can be caused by fire, electricity, chemicals, friction, water or other liquids, and radiation such as UV rays (sun, medical treatment, and even tanning beds) or industrial.

Degrees of Burns

Burns are ranked according to their severity by using three separate degrees: First, Second, and Third.

  • First Degree Burn: a first degree burn is a superficial burn to the outer surface of the skin. First degree burns generally cause redness and discomfort at the injury site.
  • Second Degree Burns: a second degree burn is a more serious burn that damages deeper layers of the skin. A second degree burn will cause redness, irritation and pain, as well as blisters that may burst and ooze. If blisters burst, the skin is exposed and at greater risk for infection.
  • Third Degree Burns: a third degree burn is the most severe level of burn. Typically a third degree burn damages the skin, the underlying fat and muscle, and even the bone. Third degree burns sometimes have no pain associated with them because the nerves in the area are damaged by the burn as well.

Severe burns are life changing and leave scars that last a lifetime. Furthermore, severe burns require months and even years of rehabilitation in an attempt to regain the life you had before the incident. More than one million people are injured by burns each year and other 40,000 people are admitted to the hospital for treatment of a burn. Children often suffer burns from scalding liquids or from being exposed to fire. Burns can also occur as a result of a traffic accident. People are sometimes burned by fire or hot fluids in a car wreck causing their injuries to be much more severe.

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