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Tulsa Elevator & Escalator Injury Attorney

Tulsa Elevator and Escalator Injury LawyerElevator and Escalator Injury

Elevators and escalators have become a common fixture of modern life. Most of us ride an elevator or escalator quite regularly and probably never think of the degree of danger we are in when we do. When elevators or escalators fail, they fail big. Victims are generally left with life-changing injuries or are killed.

If you or a loved one is injured in an elevator or escalator accident, it is critical you contact an attorney Tulsa count’s on to protect their rights as soon as possible. At the Denton Law Firm we have experience with dealing with the fine details of elevator and escalator injury cases. If you do not have an experienced attorney, then you run the risk of having critical facts or evidence overlooked to your detriment.

It is incredibly important that you contact the Denton Law Firm as soon as possible after your elevator or escalator accident in Tulsa, OKĀ  or Oklahoma. We will need to start investigating and gathering evidence; especially before the building owner or the elevator or escalator company removes or hides the critical evidence to prove your case.

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