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Typical Arguments Car Insurance Companies Make

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Typical Arguments Car Insurance Companies Make


Most insurance adjusters are well trained to dispute almost any claim by an injured person. Some arguments may seem harmless while others are just plain outrageous. Either way the goal is the same for the adjuster—to lower your settlement. Protect yourself and your loved ones and speak with Tulsa personal injury attorney. Our personal injury attorneys know how to protect your rights and get you the compensation you are entitled to, as quickly as possible.


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Four Common Arguments Insurance Companies Make


  • Your medical condition. Adjusters will question your health in general including any medications you may have taken at the time of the accident. They will claim that the accident was caused by any health problems, vision problems and impairment due to medications. Accident victims who do not have legal representation have a tough time disputing this argument. Make sure you speak with a personal injury attorney before you agree to a settlement.


  • Using your past history. Similar to using your medical history against you, the adjuster will question past medical problems or accidents. The goal is to create doubt about your injury and/or credibility. Make sure you know where you stand by getting legal representation.


  • Your car was not in good condition. Another argument by insurance companies in an auto accident is to question the condition of your car. They will closely examine your car and put blame on you if your car has bald tires, worn brakes, busted taillight or a safety belt that does not work. These tactics are used to lower the value of your case and your car if it’s totaled. Don’t be intimidated. Speak with an attorney before making a formal statement to an insurance adjuster.


  • Minimizing your injuries. Arguments include claims such as: Other people were not injured in the accident or the damage or injury is minimal. These arguments are not evidence of your injuries or damages.


Don’t let these arguments intimidate you into taking less than you are legally entitled to. We can answer these and other arguments insurance companies make.  We will help you fight arguments insurance companies make and get the compensation you deserve.


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